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We are constantly on the hunt for strange, bizarre, and righteous music to blow your minds. We hunger for submissions to the Weirdsville! playlists, and most of the new music added comes from unsolicited artists that take a chance and send their sounds to us.

We accept submissions on any format, though prefer physical media mailed to our PO Box listed above. If you want to use MP3s, email us w/ a link to where we can download them. DO NOT SEND ATTACHMENTS - due to the threat of viruses, unknown attachments tend to get trashed immediately, but if you must, ask us before sending. We give preference to mailed-in submissions in our review process, so MP3s tend to take longer to be added to the playlists.

Our programming staff listens to everything submitted and we will add the weirdest to the appropriate webcast channel(s). Our WEIRDOS page has links to all the freaks that have sent in music, so be sure to let us know your website or artist email address. If a record label specializes in the kinds of music we feature, it will be added to our Weird Labels list.

Once your music has been added to the randomcast playlists, the best chance to actually hear it online is on our NEW channel, which features the latest 500 tracks added to all the channels. All tracks from submitted releases are also played on the exclusive WEIRDOS channel.

Submissions may be selected for our Weirdsville! Podcast, a series of hour-long mixtapes featuring favorite tracks from the recent batch of weirdos added to the playlists. Podcasts are designed to be downloaded and listened to at the user's convenience, so let us know if you do not want your music promoted on an MP3 download.

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